Here’s The Bristol City’s

The Bristol Cities

The other week I looked at Stoke City, who were top of the table and looking good for promotion up to the Prem.
My post, which has happened before, seemed to have cursed them because ever since then Stoke’s form has gone right out of the window and they’ve slipped into the playoff places.

I hope this doesn’t curse the Ashton Gate residents. Here goes anyway…

So the recent FA Cup Quarter finalists Bristol Rovers have an old folk/blues number associated with them.

What then do their rivals across the city have ? Something equally historic I expect.

Err… well they went down the Luton Town path with a comedy musical band.

The Wurzels

I remember these bloke being on the telly all the time in the ’70’s, and like the Barron Knights they hit it big with their their spoofs of current hits of the time.

Sadly, in my opinion they reinforced our perception of country folk being all ooh arr and driving their tractors and drinking their scrumpy. Also unfortunately their cover versions are probably better remembered in the UK than the original.

How they are associated with Bristol City is that the team run out to an especially written song about them. It was originally done in 1976 and re-recorded with the team in September 2007 to celebrate their promotion and to raise money for charity. After a heavy campaign it reached number 66 in the charts.

» The Wurzels – One For The Bristol City

Additionally – a reminder of their comedy covers:

» The Wurzels – I’ve Got A Brand New Combined Harvester

Original: Melanie - Brand New Key

The Wurzels – I Am A Cider Drinker

Original: George Baker Selection - Una Paloma Blanca

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