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The other day I posted a few from your average punter hoping that general public will hear their song and maybe make a few quid out of it. Today it’s the showbiz types who are also hoping to extract some cash out of you for various reasons.

What’s the act ?   The Commentators.

Who is that ?   Various football commentators who you’ve heard on the Beeb, ITV, Sky and Channel 4. Thankfully though there’s no room for Greeny.
Singing along now are: Martin Tyler, Rob Hawthorne, Ian Darke, Guy Mowbray, Steve Wilson, Simon Brotherton, Clive Tyldesley, Peter Drury, Jon Champion, Steve Banyard and Peter Brackley.

Commentators United

Is it for charidee ?   Yes

How does it sound ?   It’s not bad… because it is a crowd of people gathered together who are more used to talking than singing, it is err… It sounds very much like in the old days when the football players used to record the World Cup song.

The Commentators – Let’s Hear It England:   

The track is on sale via Amazon UK and all the other usual suspects.

More Info:

What’s the name ?   Rik Mayall’s Noble England.

What’s the story ?   Mayall goes all Shakespearean on us:

Rik MayallRik Mayall’s ‘Noble England’ blends an essence of Englishness with Mayall’s deliverance of an adapted speech from the famous passage in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ with “hard favoured force”. It is backed by the catchiest of football chants and complimented by the driving music behind it.

“Football chants are one of the great traditions of following football” says Mayall “…and Shakespeare is also part of our national heritage. It seemed only natural that they should go together. However, with such great material, we had to be careful to do justice to the language and not destroy the integrity of the passage; we think the song does just that yet still being fun and inspiring whilst capturing the nationalistic pride of the World Cup and the enjoyment of the greatest game on earth”.
» Press release

Is it for charidee ?   No.

How does it sound ?   As it says above it’s the former Young One quoting Shakey over an England song, in which he leaves the actual singing part to others. Wise move.

Rick Mayall’s Noble England – World Cup Anthem 2010:   

The track is on sale via 7 Digital and all the other usual suspects.

More Info:

What’s the name ?   Black Lace (feat DJ Neil Philips)

Are they still going ?   Not in the form you are thinking of. It seems that the Black Lace brand has been franchised. Colin Gibb (the one with the spiky hair and big glasses) is now in Tenerife still under the Black Lace name, but back in Blighty the band members are Dene Michael and Ian Robinson. The new lyrics are courtesy of Neil Sullivan (aka DJ Neil Philips) a swimming pool teacher from Hayes who roped in the current version of Black Lace for the song.

The current Black Lace

Is it for charidee ?   Yes.

How does it sound ?   It’s Music Man with rewritten lyrics. Take a guess.

Black Lace (feat DJ Neil Philips) – We Are The England Fans:   

The track is on sale via iTunes and all the other usual suspects.

More Info:


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