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Back in February I did a couple of posts looking at the 2006 England/World Cup songs:
There was a collection from the showbiz types – and a grouping from your normal punters.

Because of the amount of emails received and the sheer number of contenders out there, I’m going to do this same format plus will be splitting them into two groups. – Starting with some members of joe public who are trying to make a few quid out of this and maybe get a mention on the radio:

OutrazeWho are they ?   Outraze.

Where are the from ?   Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Is there a band bio ?   Found this on their Indiestore page:

“OUTRAZE are a Dirty, Ballsy Rock’n’Roll band with influences coming from the legends of the past 50 years including The Beatles, Oasis, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Smiths, Stone Roses & The Jam etc.”

What’s their England song ?   This is England:



It will be on sale via download from May 31st via Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

» Outraze Facebook fanpage
» Outraze MySpace page

Matt BlackWho are ya ?   Matt Black.

Where is he from ?   Unknown.

Is there a bio ?   No, but there’s this on the YouTube page:

“Eng-ger-land Oh Eng-ger-land has been described in the media as a powerful, fun, catchy yet inspiring England terrace chant that will be sung in pubs from Lands End to Hadrians Wall and in football stadiums all over South Africa during June and July 2010.”

What’s his England song ?   Eng-ger-land Oh Eng-ger-land:



The track is on sale now and can be downloaded via Soundclick.

Young StanleyWho are they ?   Young Stanley.

Where are they from ?   Your nearest building site.

Is there a bio ?   This from their YouTube page:

“Sing It For England by Young Stanley is to be re-released after much demand from football fans all over the UK and also from the Young Stanley fans living world wide. Sing It For England was first released for the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany and was up against one other strong contender for that official England football song. This time round Young Stanley are hoping for guest star celebrities to feature in the video singing Sing It For England. Names can not be disclosed at this point! .”

What is their England song ?   Sing It For England:



The track can be downloaded via iTunes and Amazon UK and Amazon USA .


Please don’t spam the comments plugging your own effort. Anybody who does this will be ignored.
– Send a message (and an mp3 of the song) to us via the Contact form.
We’ll give you a mention, even if we don’t like the track. But only if you use the proper channels.
Thank you.

Next up: The celebrities have a go.

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