It’s easy to spot this bloke walking down the street:

Johnny Black

Yes I know he probably doesn’t wear that all the time, but how do you know ? It could be a permanent tattoo, it could be… And I bet that when the tournament does start we’ll see loads of people made up like this. In South Africa maybe. Probably not popping into your local Budgens. But you never know…

The attention grabbing bonce above belongs to Johnny Black who mailed me ages and ages ago about his music, but it’s taken me until now to finally post something.

His music is an acoustical one and he recently released an album: “They Think It’s All Over“, where he sings of his own accounts of the highs and mainly low’s of supporting England since that glorious day in 1966.

You can download that entire album for a Fiver, but because of geographical restrictions (I’m in the USA) I can’t. Somebody send me The World Cup Song. Please !

Mr Black has three videos on his YouTube page and this is my favourite: The Penalty Shoot Out Blues.

The other two:

- Link to video

- Link to video

As you can hear Johnny is a bit pessimistic and a tiny bit optimistic. I hope that England can give him a reason to do a celebratory follow-up after this tournament.

More info:

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