Oliver Pocher says Bringt ihn Heim

Oliver PocherOliver Pocher is a German actor, comedian and entertainer did a song that would give Skinner & Baddiel’s “Three Lions” a run for it’s money.

Like the Skinn/Badd/Lightning Seeds single it has a very catchy chorus which can be chanted on the terraces (or uncomfortable plastic seating as it is now). There are similarities with 3 Lions but why change a winning formula.

I’ve played this song a few times now and I have to say I love it. Wish there was an English version of it.

In the video he imitates some familiar German footballing faces, such as der Kaiser, Klinsmann (I think), the coach Joachim Löw and Kevin Kuranyi.

. . .

. . . Just occurred to me that it could be a spoof/piss-take of Three Lions, but I enjoyed it.


» Oliver Pocher – Bringt Ihn Heim

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