Oh ! Sweet England

So it seems that second choice Steve is given a second chance with the second choice team we’ll see that smug face on the bench on Wednesday and hopefully that will be his last appearance.

Ever had the feeling you've been cheated ?

I am not posting this next one for that League Mickey Mouse Cup winning McClown, or for the current “team”, I am posting this because despite everything l will still support England forever more.

(I was going to post another example of a bad decision taken (music-wise) by the F.A, but after Saturday’s result I’ll hold that for our next potential embarrassment.)

If…if we somehow manage to somehow scrape a draw on Wednesday… (going by the latest reports he’s still doing his best to feck it up) everybody will know that we will not be there on merit.

..and if we do get through the whole of England will breath that obvious sigh of relief, then the first action after that should be to sack McClaren.

I wish he would do the honourable thing and resign because I know the spineless F.A will not take the bold action, but neither of these things will happen. They will keep their heads down, take all the flack, count their fat wage packets and slobber at the revenue to be made next summer.

Come next June and we (might) be watching an undeserved coach and a bunch of individual players because right now I can’t see them improving or having a chance of winning unless a new manager is brought in straight after the Croatia match.

So as we watch on Wednesday as the fans are hopefully chanting “Go, McClaren, go.” I want to remind you of a better time when we didn’t have a group of great individual talents, but we did have a great team.

Before the 1970 World Cup the England team released the first official single – that will be posted another time. As well as the single they all went into the studio to record an entire album. Again more about that in the future. For now a track from that LP sung by three England and West Ham team-mates:

Martin Peters, Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst

» Peters, Moore & Hurst – Oh Sweet England How We Love You

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  1. GSE ! says:

    Where to get the text to the song ? ive gotta learn my kids the text 🙂


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