My left nut is telling me that Brown’s going before Hart. Why ? Because the situation at Pompey is out of his hands, but not so up at the KC.

Probably not with their next game away to Liverpool (nobody is expecting them to win that) but the one after – at home against Wigan could decide it.

Before the fat lady sings, I’m going to let the man himself do it:


» Link to vid

– There’s a better and the original version over on the Beeb.

Phil’s completing his public embarrassment from last season with a singalong to the song Sloop John B, also known as “I Want To Go Home”.

Poor excuse to post some related material No. 5...

The origin of the song goes way back and to the Bahamas.   From Wikipedia >

“The John B. Sails” is a folk song that first appeared in a 1917 American novel, Pieces of Eight, written by Richard Le Gallienne. The “secret” narrator of the story describes it as “one of the quaint Nassau ditties,” the first verse and chorus of which are:
Sloops In The Bahamas
“Come on the sloop John B.
My grandfather and me,
Round Nassau town we did roam;
Drinking all night, ve got in a fight,
Ve feel so break-up, ve vant to go home.

So h’ist up the John B. sails,
See how the mainsail set,
Send for the captain—shore, let us go home,
Let me go home, let me go home,
I feel so break-up, I vant to go home.”

Whether it was an authentic folk song or one created for the novel is not stated.

I’m going to post some selections starting with the oldest to the most recent:

Cleveland Simmons Group – Histe Up The John B. Sail

The Weavers – Wreck Of The John B

The Kingston Trio – Sloop John B

Johnny Cash – I Want To Go Home

The Beach Boys – Sloop John B

Relient K – Sloop John B (Acoustic)

Another song: As mentioned by Chris Charles on his BBC Blog talking about Brown >

“I’m not saying Brown’s got a large ego, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he began his mornings by gazing into the shaving mirror singing that other Beach Boys classic God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You.”

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

» Hypem

– A video clip of some FC United fans singing Sloop John B away at Clitheroe in 2007.

3 Replies to “Oh Let Him Go Home…”

  1. Trivial and irrelevant but – Plymouth Argyle defensive coach (humph) John Blackley is known throughout the game as “Sloop”. (as in John B.).

    Speaking of Argyle, I notice you have yet to post the Dave Banana tunes commemorating Englands most westerly, most southerly and currently most useless club. Your readers need to hear “Pasties and Cider”, “I Saw Them Play” and my personal favourite “Barrie Vassallo (What A Guy)”. Ask me nicely and I’ll send them to you.

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