Unlike the one that was eventually given 44 years ago, this time there wasn’t a doubt.

The ball over the line

For a double irony I was hoping that England got a second and it would have finished 4-2.

Some of the words used by the red tops (after they found a dictionary) to describe their performance were: Abject, dismal, woeful… but not shocking. Nobody was shocked at the result because we were half expecting it anyway. Not because it seems to be in our mindset that every time we play the Germans… but because of the poor showing in the group stage.

But maybe…just maybe… they could just nick it here. After all they lost to Serbia the other week, I wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility… Ah of course it was. We all still kid ourselves. Every time.

I’m not here though to put them down, (oh I just did) This is to add a final word (or 2) in song form.

Ah just think of England songs that I never got around to mentioning. All those songs that you are not going going to hear…

Ok ok…that enough. You can stop cheering now.

But before I post the last (musical) note on this England 2010 World Cup misadventure, I want to feature another song previously done by the artist with his former group. It’s not an ENG footballing one, but the title is just perfect right at this moment:

Inspiral Carpets » Inspiral Carpets – This Is How It Feels

Now for the irony…

There’s a Mancunian singer-songwriter called Gideon Conn who jumped on the England/World Cup song bandwagon and he dragged in a mate to give him a hand. That mate is one Clint Boon, late of Inspiral Carpets.

Via the MEN:

Two Prestwich musicians have created World Cup songs.

Gideon Conn, of Prestwich, enlisted the help of former Inspiral Carpets keyboardist and Xfm DJ Clint Boon to make ‘Get Your Hopes Up’.

Meanwhile The Fall’s Mark E Smith, also of Prestwich, has joined former bandmate Ed Blaney and singer Girl Peculiar to create England’s Heartbeat.

Gideon, who mixes folk with hip-hop, said: “I’m a big fan of the World Cup, I think everyone loves it.

“I didn’t really mean to write the song at all, I just woke up one morning and wrote it in half an hour.

“I thought I might as well book the studio time anyway and I rang Clint and asked him if he would like to sing on it with me.”

» Full article

Conn and Boon Gideon Conn & Clint Boon - Get Your Hopes Up (Win, Win, Win):

» Link to video

– Stream only. The track is still available to purchase. Go on, give them some sympathy…

One Reply to “Now We Know How It Feels”

  1. So annoyed at the massive, massive gaps that England left in their defence every damn time Germany got on the counter-attack, I threw my dollies out of my pram and stormed out of the living room, shouting ‘turn this cr*p off’ at my kids. After a severe reprimanding by the wife, I helped her pack a picnic to take the Hove County Cricket Ground, only for Hove to lose n’all. What a disastrous week-end!!! Capella has to go, take a small(ish) payment for his services, and the England squad should all take pay cuts for the forthcoming season, and use that money saved help out all those teams below the in the other leagues. Time to take responsibility, show that you care more about the football than the money you really don’t deserve, and the FA to develop football schools and give the kids back some pride. I feel a backlash from the Premiership fans this season, and why not? My dad made me laugh last night when he said the Fergie should get in as manager. I laughed because Fergie is a glory boy, and wants titles and cups at the end of every season. You’d think as a Scot he’d be willing to help out Scotland, but he’d not do that either, for obvious reasons. I shudder to think where we’ll be in 5 years time. How many clubs will fold? How many young, gifted players left out to dry? My replica England shirt will remain in the wardrobe for another two years until Euro 2012. I may even bin the booldy thing before then…

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