I got the intended first round of posts done in record time, so a bonus entry with one about Brazil Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland celebrate after beating Spain 3-2

Pictured above is the Norn Ireland team celebrating after they, at home, beat Spain 3-2.

But despite David Healy’s heroics after he scored a hat-trick in that game, they still failed to qualify for the 2008 European Finals. Which as you will remember was won by…Spain.

Additional note: Which I think should be err… noted… here was the aforementioned Healy who became the leading goalscorer in the competition when he score 13 of NI’s 15 goals including the 3 against Spain, 2 against Sweden and 5 times against Liechtenstein.

For this World Cup Qualifier they are currently 2nd in their group and have a good chance of qualifying for this one, but Healy has still got to find his boots having only scored one in this compo so far.

As to the music:

I don’t know where and when this started, there’s no accurate description anywhere of it’s source. If you know of the history then -> comments below. Ta.

But for some reason the fans started singing

– Below a studio recorded version involving ex-footballer and now BBC Northern Ireland commentator Jackie Fullerton and NI radio personality George Jones:

The programme from the NI v Spain match » Jackie Fullerton & George Jones with Clubsound – We’re Not Brazil, We’re Northern Ireland

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  1. While I consider myself to be English I have N. Irish roots and look out for their results when an international weekend is on.

    Norn Iron have come a long way since Lawrie Sanchez took over and I even feel if he hadn’t left for Fulham they could have been at Euro 2008.

    Still, they have a good chance of qualifying for 2010 and if Healy’s in form then he’s one of the prolific strikers in international football (shame he hasn’t really cut it at club level).

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