This is a Swiss band who sing in English and after listening to a few of their songs I am publicly stating here and now:

linus.maybe – I am a fan. A very big fan.

Linus Maybe

Their music is catchy and instantly memorable, I’m surprised that they haven’t caught on everywhere yet. They need to be.

This track addresses that not everybody in enamored with football and music and this is a tongue in cheek look.

» linus.maybe – notanotherfootballsong

A local Basel radio station was looking for their own song for Euro 2008 and the listeners voted this as their favourite.

I have to tell you I love this track. Love it, love it. This has now become the official F&M song.

Bonus track: This is another particular standout song which has a tongue in cheek reference to Oasis and the whole rock star thing:

» linus.maybe – rockstar

Linus Maybe website
Linus Maybe on YouTube

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