Some desktop wallpaper for you:

No Diving desktop wallpaper 1024
No Diving desktop wallpaper 1280

Yes I know I missed the bus. I’m not the fastest at posting.

A song to go with it…

How about Arc Of A Diver…?

Nah too obvious. Something more subtle…

Ah ! Got it:

» Paul McCartney – This One

UPDATE Just stumbled across this:

2 Replies to “No Diving”

  1. Eduardo gets a 2-game ban. Arsenal have the right of appeal. The outcome will be the ban is reduced to 1 match. You heard it here first.

    I’m bored with it already.

  2. UEFA rescinded the ban. He got away with it. Waiting to see if they do the same once Adebayor is given his suspension. They probably will. Spineless suits. all of them.

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