It’s More Important Than That

Many people have tried to describe why they love this game so much. But you can’t.

Even when after the heartbreak of losing in another penalty shoot out, we still come back the following Saturday and still get behind the team. Nobody can explain it.

Our world is football. Simple as that.

And all the world is football shaped

If you are feeling brave enough the above ball can be purchased via this Japanese website.
Found it via this site.

Today’s featured track was recorded by Bruce Thompson in 1975. That’s all the info I have about it I’m afraid.

The song nearly steers itself towards light entertainment hell but somehow manages to keep itself from completely going Jess Conrad.

» Bruce Thompson – My World Is A Football

Extra time & pens:

When I saw the above image the line from that song got into my head, so…

» XTC – Senses Working Overtime

…”And all the world is football-shaped / It’s just for me to kick in space…”

Just as Chimbonda did yesterday.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist…

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