Back at the beginning of this year (2014) the musician who records under the name My Brother Woody announced via his Twitter account that he was going to attempt to write, record and then release a football-themed album before the World Cup.

Quick bio before we continue:   »

“My Brother Woody is the creation of Irish songwriter Michael Cleare, his songs are hook-laden and harmony-driven, full of warm, infectious melodies, recalling the sound and style of legendary American bands such as the Beach Boys and Big Star. He released his debut album “It’s a long way from that sort of thing you were raised” in 2007. – Read more on his Bandcamp page.”

Anyway, back to the football album idea – As time went on he reported that he had 10 songs written, but with the tournament fast approaching sadly it looks like the project was doomed to fail.

But then today – an announcement:

“Hello. Soooo….in late February I decided to set myself the task of writing and recording 10 football related song to be completed before the start of the World Cup (June 12th) .

Even in my songwriting “heyday” I only managed to write about 4 songs a year but I figured seeing as these songs would all be about football (and my head is always full of football related guff) that this would be easier and it was…I wrote the 10 songs in 2 months or so.

The recording process however was a very different matter …so I settled for a 3 song EP for now with hopefully a full album to follow in August.”

Here then are the three tracks, with accompanying artwork by the man himself:

» You can download these tracks via Bandcamp for name your price.   Please support this artist.

Extra Time:

This isn’t the first time that My Brother Woody has recorded something football and musical related. Two years ago there was another 3 track ep, with the lead track remembering a significant moment from the 1994 World Cup.
You don’t need me to explain it:

In case you do need a visual reminder…

…and the other two tracks:

» My Brother Woody – Kevin Kilbane

» My Brother Woody – Carlos Dreams of World Cup Glory – Honduras 2010 World Cup Song

That last track is hilarious.
I’ll post an update when the football album appears.

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