Oh I’m supposed to write an intro paragraph about them. Ok then…

They are based in Stretford, home to Old Trafford, probably the greatest cricket ground in the world.

They play in red…

They’ve been in a few cup finals in the past and sung about them.

I’m not going to mention every song. You’ll spot a linking theme with these selected.

’77 Then managed by Tommy Docherty who had successfully revived the team after a number of years in decline. They finished in 6th place that season (76-77) but they did win the FA Cup.
George Roper and Pipedream
This single was released in that same year but before the cup final. It mentions some club legends such as Steve Paterson, Alan Foggon and Colin Waldron Tommy Docherty, Jimmy Greenhoff and Lou Macari.

The recording artist on this particular effort is George Roper (no, not that one) and Pipedream.
The Discogs listing says that this was the only release on that record label.
The tune is based upon ‘Rule Britannia’ and repeatedly sings of the bringing the glory back to Manchester.

» George Roper and Pipedream – Manchester United

’79 Jump ahead a couple of years to when Dave Sexton was in charge. In this season (1978-79) they finished 9th but reached another FA Cup final, but they lost that one 2-3 to Arsenal.
This is another that does not mention the cup, but like the above includes a few players in the lyrics.
Macari and Greenhoff once again receive acknowledgements, along with Martin Buchan, Joe Jordan and Steve Coppell.

This one has the full Manchester Utd team singing on the single (which must have been weird for these players to sing their own name) and it was released on red vinyl.

The tune, like the above, is based upon a traditional one. This time it is ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ who of course are marching as to war.

» Manchester United Football Team – Onward Sexton Soldiers

’83 Skipping now to the FA Cup Final for 1983 and it is Ron Atkinson who is leading the team out.

The final was against Brighton and Hove Albion and it had to go to a replay after a 2-all draw. Man U won that replay 4-0.

Glory Glory Man United
The tune used for this cup final again based upon a traditional one.

This time it was ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ or as you might know it; “Glory Glory Hallelujah…” It was not unique to them, Spurs and Leeds have used it, as well as Hibs.

One of the verses mentions the previous boss and the current one in charge:

In Seventy-Seven it was Docherty
Atkinson will make it Eighty-Three
And everyone will know just who we are,
They’ll be singing que sera sera

» Manchester United Football Team – Glory Glory Man United

’85 Forward yet again a couple of years and to the 1985 FA Cup Final. They won this again, this time against Everton by a single goal after extra time.
We All Follow Man Utd
The lyrics for this one are based on another sort of traditional song. Not based on a old religious tune like the others, but as I said traditional in the football song traditional sense.

The tune was first heard… Well when I first heard it was Ally’s Tartan Army back in 1978 when Scotland were going to the World Cup in Argentina. After that the tune was adopted and lyrics altered to your team name and a certain venue in west London used for the cup finals. You know the one.

Here from that Ally’s Tartan Army Wikipedia explains:

The tune of the chorus was based on God Save Ireland, an Irish rebel song which had been adopted as a football chant by Celtic F.C. fans, which was in turn adopted from the American Civil War song Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!. The tune has since been recycled by fans of many teams, altering the lyric “We’re on the march wi’ Ally’s Army” as appropriate (for example, “We all follow Man United”). It became “We’re all part of Jackie’s army” in Put ‘Em Under Pressure, a Republic of Ireland song for the 1990 World Cup.
The tune might have actually been used earlier, but that’s the earliest I know.

» Manchester United Football Team – We All Follow Man. United

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