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Vintage footie magazines

Taking a bit of a Bundesliga mid-season break here. Will get back to posting and continuing the songs about footie players I was halfway through when I can be arsed. For now though some more selections/leftovers:

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» From the Absolute Football Anthems CD.

Cornershop » Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)

…Quite what it has to do with footie or where the connection is I don’t know, but included here because of the best line in a song ever. As he sings – everyone needs one.

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» From the Euro 2008 Soundtrack :

Mendetz » Mendetz – The Boola Shines In A Pink Neon Room

Mendetz website

Yet another CD full of tunes which have fcuk all to do with the beautiful game, this is included because you can hear lots of different influences in the song. Great title too.

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» I’ve pretty much raped the back catalogue of Tranmere’s finest, but there’s always room for one more and this is for Erik at Route 1 who likes a bit of Biscuit. As we all do.

HMHB » HMHB – I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan

Merry New Year and all that.

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