Once again the Beeb is doing nothing for John Peel Day. But it doesn’t look like there’s anything else doing this year either which is sad.

But we here at F&M keep his memory alive and every October (11-13th) we commemorate the man himself with some (sometimes related to footie) music.

John Peel

This year featuring his favourite band who do not need any introduction:

The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy » The Fall – Eat Y’Self Fitter

» The Fall – Hit The North

» The Fall – Theme From Sparta FC

» The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy

» Kicker Conspiracy video (filmed at Burnley)

Oh and how about Mark E. Smith reading out the football results:

» Find more Peel via the tag:

» Also keeping it Peel is Dandelion Radio who are having a “Peel Legends” month featuring bands who have featured on Peel Sessions including I, Ludicrous amongst others.

Ignore my token gesture here and head over to Town Full Of Losers for a better nod to the man.

3 Replies to “More Peelie”

  1. Thanks for the mention of Dandelion Radio. Loads of Peel stuff going on this month. In my split show, I’ve got sessions from Peel faves Calvin Party, Trembling Blue Stars and The Woodentops.

    And next June I’m planning a World Cup special with 2 hours of great footie songs – and I found out about several of them here.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mark W

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