Blue Moon - Tom Jones

This year the destination of the F.A Cup will be decided by YOU.

We’ll be taking a poll and you will chose who takes the crown. Who’ll raise the first F.A Cup singoff trophy.
(Don’t actually have a trophy to give out at the moment, we’ll use this teacup for now)

I’ve previously wrote about both teams and the most famous song associated with them. But judging by the number of visits from people looking for information about one of them this will be a whitewash, but I implore you please try to have some impartiality today and select the winner on the music alone.

Blue Moon

This very old song as played at the City of Manchester stadium all the time, which really doesn’t have an origin of how or where it began. I think it was a corporate decision or something. If there are any Citeh fans out there who do know the real reason, post a comment.

The previous mention about the song on F&M was a couple of years back when Ricky Hatton, one of Man City’s most famous fans, was preparing to fight Manny Pacquiao. In the post Blue Hatton I collected over 35 versions of that song. Today I will randomly choose 4four of them for the contest.


As sung by the fans of Stoke City & the most visited post on F&M with people coming to find out: Why Delilah ?
With perfect timing… Graham Forster also visited that post and took the time to email me with an answer:


Stoke city supporters sing Delilah:

Many years ago, the fans were singing songs in a pub after a match. There were complaints about the rude language in some of the songs and the police asked them to sing songs without swear words in. On the juke box at the time was…Delilah! The supporters sang the song and adopted it as their anthem. A legend was born…

Hope that answers the question.”

Looking at the other comments there is another one who agrees with you there Graham, there’s also a couple who also put in a mention about a policeman.

But anyway that’s not why we are here… we are here today for the singing compo between Blue Moon and this song, of which I’ve found four very different cover versions…

Blue Moon


» The Marcells – Blue Moon » Bruce Dickinson – Delilah
» Tommy Dorsey – Blue Moon » Inkubus Sukkubus – Delilah
» The Drivers – Blue Moon » Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Delilah
» My Morning Jacket – Blue Moon » Leningrad Cowboys – Delilah

So then… take the poll… and remember it’s which is the better set of songs, not team:

[polldaddy poll=5030980]

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