Fabio Capello’s Waiting…

Capello Inghilterra

I’m going to beat them to the punch by posting the obvious song which the red tops will use punningly in their upcoming battles with Capello.

Oh and of course they’ll throw in The Italian Job too.

– For the tabloid journo’s plus Fabio and his backroom staff – to help you improve your Inglese/Italian, you’d better bookmark this site.

It is sad that there was no decent English born candidate for the job, but what’s even sadder is that there isn’t any on the horizon either. Looking at the list of current managers in the football leagues, there are a few names coaching in the lower divisions that I hope will flourish in the future, but for now… Benvenuto Fabio !

Edit: I’m worried about the amount of cash the FA has wasted on all this – They gave £2 million to McSven for his failure to qualify for Euro2008 and now they are paying Capello £6.5 mill per year…

» Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting

Bonus song: - from The Italian Job soundtrack:

» Matt Monro – On Days Like These

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