So then eventually thanks to results elsewhere, it didn’t matter what happened in their match and the Argentinian Gazza (I was almost tempted to name this post Fog On The (Argen)tine) will be there in South Africa next year.

HIStory ?

Or will he ?

After the Uruguay/Argentina match El Diego blasted the assembled reporters with: “You lot take it up the @rse – if the ladies will pardon the expression.” whilst one of the sponsor’s models stood behind him. Also in the audience was the Guardian’s Marcela Mora y Araujo.

Because of this outburst – along with some crotch grabbing for the television cameras in the tunnel outside the dressing rooms – you will not be surprised to read that FIFA is investigating.

So it still remains to be seen…ah who are we kidding. A slap on the wrist/a fine or something but he will be there. Sepp Blatter wants it. He’s good for the ratings.

– Let me take you back to a more calmer time in his life… (Do you mean inbetween those moments when he didn't do the lines of coke ?) Hey stop that !

Back to 1987 and when he got into a threesome…oh you’ve got me at it now… with a couple who have the lovely name of Pimpinela.   I’ll leave you to add your own remark here.

Pimp Maradona » Pimpinela and Diego Maradona – Querida Amiga

And yes there is a video.

As you can hear and see above, he didn’t take lead vocals, but instead harmonized with Joaquín’s wife Lucía – But he did get up and do a turn quite recently by the looks, at some party:

» Thanks to Carrascus from the Spanish version of F&M: Blogin’ In The Wind for some material here.
If you scroll down the page you’ll find more stuff hanging around Diego, including Bono from U2.

» Plus don’t forget the post from the other day.

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