You’d have thought that I would have done better with the post title, but no.

The big news in relation to the Euro 2016 finals was about the Manics recording and releasing an official song for the Wales team and here it is:


Ah dammit, not again. Same thing happened with the France song. It might be a licencing issue but still…
They are not bloody getting it are they. There are expats around the world that would like to see the video. They would even like to buy the song but that’s not going to happen either. The world does not stop at the border you know.

Sorry about the rant but I am getting really annoyed at this pointless blocking.

If you are in the UK (as long as they haven’t restricted it to just Wales !) then watch here:

…and if you outside of Blightly…

There is a going to be documentary on BBC Radio Wales to be broadcast on Friday – Steffan Garrero goes behind the scenes with Manic Street Preachers as they write and record the song. You can listen back to the programme via this link.

You can purchase the song via ITunes or via Amazon (again UK only, if you are anywhere else you are fcuked)

However… I will update this post if the Manics realise they have fans world wide.

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  1. Lyrically not the strongest, and musically it’s a Manics anthem-by-numbers, but it’s a football song so I suppose it’s acceptable. They could have had Hal Robson-Kanu doing a Barnsey-style rap in it though…

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