Early kick off on Sunday for the biggest* derby in the Premier League as the Blues leave the City and go out into the wilds of Greater Manchester.                         * Old Trafford has a capacity of 76,212

Utd and City

It is an early start for me, but an even earlier one for the home supporters who have to drive up the M1/get the first train from Euston/fly from Dublin.       [got one in early there...]

Sadly though even with Sky bigging up the match we will not see all the players on stage for this play; Robinho has an ankle, Adebayor will probably be banned, Crock Santa Cruz has just returned to training and the main protagonist in this particular footballing soap opera episode will also be sitting in the stands. Which means either Bellamy up front on his own or even…whisper it… Benjani back in there.

At the other end of the pitch there will still be a score to settle even with the “big names” missing. Utd still see themselves as the dominant force and will want to show that money doesn’t always buy you happiness.

There was a compilation album released quite a few years back (who’s title I borrowed for this post) and I’m using this as inpiration by choosing acts who are from there and who have sang about there.

Manchester City Centre

» The Fall – City Hobgoblins

» Elbow – Forget Myself

» Oasis – Round Are Way

» Ian Brown – Longsight M13

» Doves – M62 Song

and finally…
» The Beautiful South – Manchester

This is only a few of the many that I could have chosen from.

Additional: If you are wondering where I got those images with the dog and the teams, I found them at this excellent website. Although I created the Man City with their new 3rd shirt myself.

5 Replies to “MCR, So Much To Answer For”

  1. Phew — I thought this was going to be a post about My Chemical Romance for a mo…

    Hadn’t heard that Doves track in ages. Lovely song, that.

    Also, I’ve never really got into The Fall, for some reason, but the more of their stuff I hear, the more curious I get.

  2. Absolutely ADORE the Fall.
    Damn shame about the derby. I watched it on Setanta here in the states and COULD NOT BELIEVE the added time. I hope I get to see the Eastlands encounter on TV.

  3. re: Fredoracci
    Totally Wired, the 2 disc comp of their Rough Trade work (which includes City Hobgoblins), is a good starting point. Worked for me!
    Also has Kicker Conspiracy:
    “Under Marble Millichip, the FA. broods.
    On how flair can be punished.”

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