You Know It Is, It Really Is…

I admit it. I looked. After the last two footie&musical/light entertainment in hell postings I tried to find another one. I wanted that hat-trick. But like the other day when that Slavia Prague keeper pulled off a stunning save to deny Walcott his third it was not to be.

Nothing from Max Bygraves…? Lennie Bennet…? Come on there had to be another another ‘celeb’ who rocked the mic ? Diddy David help me out here. You are still doing the announcements at Fulham. Haven’t you sung about them ?

Ah well it is not to be. Unless you know different

But until then I’ll slowly take us away from this pool of despair and brighten things up with another bit of cheezy bit of light entertainment actually. But this time the artist knows that he is camp with a capital C and he plays up to it.

His Mam sez no drums after 7

» Frank Sidebottom – Manchester City Medley

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