Keeping with the tradition of unimaginative titles… this one doing as the website does and as it says on the tin: All about Liverpool FC.

This post is/was published at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the reason for this entry is to celebrate Liverpool winning their first Premier League title* That’s right, along with Leicester City, this is the first time they’ve won the league in the Premier League era. Here’s a surprise though, football existed before Sky invented it in 1992. So including this one* it will be/it is/was their 19th title**.

*At the time of publication not confirmed, but they were 25 point ahead so come on…

**Depending on the time in the present/future that you are reading this.

25th June 2020 Update: After a long delay football resumed and after Chelsea win it made it mathematically impossible for Man City to catch them and Liverpool are the Premier League 2019/2020 winners.

There was mentions of adding an asterisk for this win but with it looking like all the games to be played and the league to be completed. Apart from the above addendums, there will be no sidenotes. Liverpool are Champions.

This, as you may have guessed, is a football and musical celebration of the club with a few selected tunes from the past. Some from the fans, some from players and teams of years gone by.

» Beginning with that mythical year of 1972… Why do I say that ? Because I’ve found more football songs recorded in that year more than others years, but I can’t find a reason why. If you want to say when did genre of football music peak I would volunteer ’72.
Anyways, this is by the Rig Mallows Trio:

The song begins with the football record cliché crowd noises and beat with a militaristic sounding drums. Along with the accordion it is very reminiscent of Scottish tunes, I know one of the trio members was Scottish though. The label was set up and only released this one record. Rare.

» Continuing with that same year and I have a “here, did you know that…” for you. Firstly though the single:

As you can see from the label there, the tune penned by Messrs D. Boone and R. McQueen, songwriters for the Penny Farthing label and the same co-writers for the single by Manchester United. Again as you can also see on the label they were both released at the same time on something called the Trophy Series.
But it doesn’t end there ! These two both came back in the same year to write possibly one of the most remembered Chelsea football songs to this day: Blue Is The Colour.

» Jumping ahead to 1977, which you will know was a vintage year for them. This celebratory song with Lenny Rich is the only time he recorded a song. At least to my knowledge. Wherever you are Lenny, thank you for the tune. This can still be heard occasionally at Anfield.

» Staying with the vintage year in which they won the league title and the European Cup, this 4 track ep was released. The first two tracks are here. This was on State Records, a label set up in the 70’s by Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington, who also wrote the first track.

» Moving ahead to the early 80’s now and a track from another musical writing double act. These two names will be very familiar if you are a regular visitor to F&M.

Chris Norman and Pete Spencer

They are Chris Norman and Pete Spencer. Members of the band Smokie and responsible for the musical career of Kevin Keegan, as well as having a hand in with England’s 1982 World Cup song.

A year later they wrote this song which appeared on a double A side single:

» Liverpool (1983) FC Squad – Liverpool (Anthem)

Side note and this is one for any of you rare record collectors, especually those who collect football singles (Pascal) – they also released this song as a single in 1984, with (Anthem) on the A side and another tune called “Paisley Crazy” on the flip. Details here. As you can imagine this is very rare and possible worth something since it is on red vinyl as well.

» Finishing this off now with a run out in 1989 for this:

Liverpool Football Team featuring Peter Howitt

That name rings a bell doesn’t it. As does that face. Where have I seen…?

That’s right the original Joey Boswell from Bread. As to how and why this was created is lost in time now. Actually when is there ever a reason to do any of these ?

I’ll leave you in suspense no longer, have a listen below and then you’ll wish I stopped this post at the previous tune. Full lyrics here. Sing along now.

» Liverpool Football Team feat. Peter Howitt – Kenny D. The Pride Of Liverpool

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