AFC Liverpool club badgeI mean AFC Liverpool of course…

Ah you saw what I did there.

The club was formed only last year and tonight (Thu April 16th, 2009) they will be playing in the Vodkat Trophy Final against Padiham at Ashton Athletic’s ground, Brocstedes Park, Ashton in Makerfield. Kick off is 7.45pm so if you set off now…

Yes so it’s only a minor, minor (minor !) cup that they are playing for, but still come on… These things don’t normally happen. Usually when you form a club it’s toil and trouble for a good number of years before even a glimmer of hope.

AFC Liverpool came about not because of the same reason as FC United of Manchester (or FCUM), but because of a fan’s protest of the high ticket prices being charged to watch the games nowadays.
– An excerpt from the Wikipedia entry about them:

“The club is aimed at Liverpool fans who have been priced out of Premier League football. The club will adopt the same colours, fan songs and will also be based around the same community as Liverpool. The club is a non-profit organisation. The AFC Liverpool founder Alun Parry said “I’ve been going to Anfield since the late Seventies when I was six years old. A season ticket in the Kop cost £45 in 1985, today it’s £650, which I know is a lot cheaper than some other Premier League clubs, but in inflation terms Eighties prices should equate to £98 today.” He also stated that the forming of the club had nothing to do with the debated ownership of Liverpool. Parry stressed that the new club was not to be estranged from Liverpool, but he hoped that it would look on AFC as a ‘little brother’.

Alun ParryThe founder, as mentioned above is one Alun Parry… no not that one, but a Liverpool singing one as seen to the right there:

(Actually here’s some footie facts – the commentating Parry was born in Garston and is a big Liverpool fan, he was also on the board of Wycombe Wanderers for a few years too.)

The Parry name, heavily involved in football.

– Back to the one holding the guitar though and with the occasion of AFC Liverpool reaching this cup final he did what every musician-who-founded-a-football-club would do in these situations – record a song about it:

AFC Liverpool shirt » Alun Parry – The Non League Mighty Reds

– You can download more songs by Alun from his very own website

Sadly it seems that ITV have gone for Man City’s slow demise out of the UEFA Cup rather than the Vodkat Trophy Final so I’ll update this post with the result. Best of luck to AFC Liverpool tonight.

UPDATE: They won !

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  1. ‘These things don’t normally happen. Usually when you form a club it’s toil and trouble for a good number of years before even a glimmer of hope.’

    Not for the likes of the fan driven protest clubs such as AFC Liverpool (i.e. AFC Wimbledon, FC United)

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