Espania !

Well what can we say… the best team won in the end.

Not the best final obviously, but they never are. These things are always built up, hyped up so much that if we don’t see an end-to-end five goals to four thriller then we are disappointed. It’s usually the matches that are played to get themselves into the final are the ones better remembered.

But in Spain’s case it was a stuttering start followed by two matches with 2 goals to the good, and then a 1-nil, 1-nil, 1-nil, 1-nil in the final. A steady and a very careful course to the title. That’s the thing with the World Cup Final, it’s too a big thing to lose. There was a very close, two minutes left chance that it would have gone to pens and then it would have been a lottery. But thankfully it was Spain who took charge of their own destiny. As I said not pretty, but in the end… the best team:

Spain on the plane

Some music I have left over for their win:

– This first one is from El Grito (The Cry) who are: “THE CRY is unassuming Pop-Rock, mixed everything and nothing, something new for your ears” :

» El Grito – El Espiritu de un Sueño

– A repost of one from previously, a Spanish version of one of the official songs. This is from K’naan and David Bisbal:

» K’naan with David Bisbal – Wavin’ Flag (Spanish Celebration Mix)

– This one is from the 2006 World Cup and the chorus is very singalong but the bloke singing the verses is very bad. Ignore him and sing/chant along to “A Por Ellos,Oé”:

» A Por Ellos, Oe

This had members of the 2006 Spain squad in there too:

– Lastly for now a ditty about David Villa:

» Villa Maravilla

– Additionally it’s congratulations to those two Scotia boys who had a tenner on Spain to win.

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  1. It’s true. I think it’s something inherent in finals, which will never be as exciting a spectacle as the games that have gone before.

    And there’s always a vague feeling of flatness once it’s all over, no matter how good the game. Unless you’re Spanish I suppose.

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