I don't know what to say about this so I'll just set it up.

You have the:

USA 94 logo and mascot


Some memorable faces from 1994
The German National football team (Die Deutsche Fussballnationalmannschaft)

you throw in the following:

Village People

…and you get:

Did you see him ? Did you spot Jürgen really getting into it ?
This must have been the moment when he decided that California was in his future.

» Die Deutsche Fussballnationalmansschaft – Far Away In America

But wait ! There’s more !

There was an album.

I don’t have the entire thing but thanks to popmoderne.de we have some more tracks in which the German team sang in collaboration with…

Far Away In America album cover » The Scorpions and Die Fussball Nationalmannschaft – No Pain No Gain

» United We’ll Go

Sadly I don’t have the one with Nicole (remember her from Eurovision 1982 – A Little Peace) they sang together that It’s Just A Game !

– Oh and don’t forget to throw another certain cheezy American act in the mix:

The HOFF !

» David Hasselhoff – The Best Is Yet To Come

And Finally:

To clear that taste out of our mouth – this track from previously featured band:

» Die Prinzen – Überall

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