Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead

Go on – try to pronounce that name out loud. A real tongue twister.

Probably the silliest name ever for a band but it is one that you’ll never ever forget.

We’ll start at the beginning…

The rediscovery of this legendary name was thanks to the splendid chaps over on the When Saturday Comes Message Boards. A new thread was started by Harry Truscott asking about the band, then Bored of Education posted a link to a YouTube clip [original removed, printscreens here] from 1998 of the band performing on Danny Kelly’s Under The Moon TV programme. As soon as I saw the clip that was it, everything came flooding back. I remembered watching that exact performance all those years ago. Their name was at the back of my mind and that video reminded me.

As I said it’s one you don’t forget.

After reading this thread I decided to set out and try to find this band again. What happened to them ? Were they still around ?

I then found a page on Johnny 2 Times website which had a sort of tribute to the band plus it had a link to an email address. I sent a message and a few weeks later… I received a message from Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead band member Paul Doe – Yes the band were still together, in fact they performed a live gig only a few months before. It was perfect timing because the song they sang in that 1998 Under The Moon show, was going to be redone for this World Cup.

The tune from back then was released too late to have any impact, but this time with no official England song, there is a void that needs to be filled !

Yes I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of others out there trying to fill this same void, but the difference with this one is that it is actually good.   Nobody paid me to say that. It really is.

So then I am proud to present Ken Dodd’s Dad’s Dog’s Dead (still can’t say it myself without tripping) and their musical return with Confidence !

Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead - Confidence



- Link to video

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  1. In case you don’t look at YouTube comments (and I wouldn’t blame you) the Under The Moon clip is from 1998, not 2006.

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