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John Peel

I have a cunning plan.

Put this date in your diary:

25th October

An explanation…

In 2010 on Teenage Kicks that if John Peel was still alive he would have been 71 years old… He probably wouldn’t still be on Radio 1, but I bet he’d be on 6Music.

6 Music is a (sort of) legacy from Peel, the station has been saved (for now) but the threat of closure still hangs over it’s head.

After looking around for other John Parker Ravenscroft mentions a plan began to formulate.

There was John Peel Day, started by Radio 1 a year after he died, but then they stopped. The day still continued with various events taking place [click here for 2011 events], but sadly these shows are getting less and less every year.

We shouldn’t forget his memory and should not forget his legacy. All those bands… all that music we discovered because of him.

There should be a web version of the John Peel Day, but this one being for those who listened…

So on 25th October I want everybody to post a Peel Session track by any of their favourite bands. If you are a Facebook user post a link to a video on your page. If you are a blogger then how about writing something. – If you are on Twitter: on October 25th post a tweet using the hashtag: #keepingitpeel and add a song or video clip – again from a Peel Session.

That date, you’ve probably already worked out, is the date when we lost the great man…

This was partly inspired by JC using the same idea he had with the Paul Haig Day and I hope that he and all his fellow writers will join in to support this one.

» Your help is needed: Please write about or tweet #keepingitpeel on Oct 25th.

If you’d like to give a hand it would be most welcome. You can Contact Me Here.

For now to get you in the mood… a preview of #keepingitpeel on 25TH OCTOBER – Some tracks from Mr Peel’s all time favourite band:

The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy » The Fall – Eat Y’Self Fitter

» The Fall – Hit The North

» The Fall – Theme From Sparta FC

» The Fall – Kicker Conspiracy

Extra Time – A couple of football and music/John Peel related items I found:

John Peel interviews Ian Rush
A very surreal ambient track using the voice of John Peel

» There is now a dedicated website and Twitter account created for the event. Please visit:

Twitter: @keepingitpeel

» keepingitpeel.wordpress.com

and finally…

The obligatory, seminal, legendary track:

» The Undertones – Teenage Kicks


#keepingitpeel – 25TH OCTOBER

11 Replies to “#keepingitpeel”

  1. There are many bands still going today who owe a huge, huge debt to Peel. More importantly, Radio 1, 6Music (who regularly play Peel Session tracks, and proudly anounce it), and all those DJ’s who’ve been influenced by him and the music he played. You could go so far as to say the way in which Peel conveyed his love for bands/tracks in such a laid-back style. No-one will ever have that influence over anyone again. If it wasn’t for Peel, I’d have missed The Cocteau Twins, The Fall, and all the punk he’d be so enthusiastic about. I don’t Twitter, and don’t have my own blogsite, and only in the last couple of years have got into Half Man Half Biscuit. Peel has influenced me, helped me through my secondary school days, and was instrumental in my love for music from the age of 14 (I’m 43 in October). He is never far from me when I hear something different on the radio (usually 6Music). Gawd bless ‘im!!!

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for the shoutout and sorry for not getting in touch earlier. I will definitely be taking up your idea, as I think it’s a splendid way of keeping his achievements in the public eye. If you haven’t seen it already, this page, which I started but has been greatly expanded by my mate from Japan (also called Steve) contains a lot you might be interested in. Cheers.

  3. Cheers Steve…have just had a quick look at the site. Will investigate further…thank you. I wish I had more freetime to go out and jog, read (books, not music mags), drink with friends, and read more on John Peel. As I state above, Peel had a massive influence on me in my latter days at school, my one whole year of further education, and beyond, to now. His drole way of talking something up, be it music, football, whatever, was perfect for me to take on board. Everyone should find time to learn more about Peel. And listen to his son’s show on 6music. I never saw the great interest in thrash metal though…

  4. Hi,

    alas I’m neither on facebook nor on twitter, but I’ll surely feature a little something on Oct. 25th on Sexyloser: a great idea and I hope a lot more bloggers will participate!


    Dirk from Sexyloser

  5. I’ve posted a few Peel sessions in the past , so signing up gives me a great excuse to post another and celebrate Peelie at the same time..

    PS check out some JP action on my 79 Radio 1 Calendar here

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