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October 11th is the next John Peel Day.John Peel

This post is to commemorate a man who was as passionate about his football as he was about his music.

Peely was a hardcore Liverpool fan but in his later years and because of where he lived, John wandered down to Portman Road and watched them play too. (Don’t know why, must have been punishing himself for something).

There will be the Third Annual John Peel Memorial Football Tournament and Concert taking place at the Liverpool Football Club Academy and later on at the new Picket.

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My contribution to the Peel Sessions is by a band that came from Liverpool that were football mad. In 1986 whilst on tour in the USA they all watched England play in the World Cup in a hotel room on a Spanish language channel. Apparently the room was packed and the American road crew were puzzled at these guys going mental watching some weird foreign language sport on the TV.

Two of the band were actually born in Yorkshire and the lead singer still follows dirtyLeeds. The drummer (his brother), even though he was from Beverley and then lived in Liverpool, for some reason which still escapes me to this day, supports Spurs.
The lead guitarist was a born and bred Evertonian. The bass player weirdly for a Scouser, didn’t like football. But this was probably done on purpose to irritate the others because they did.

A Flock Of Seagulls at the Atlantic Hotel,Liverpool in 1981. Pic by Gary Lornie

Peel Session recorded on 6th of May 1981, broadcast on the 12th:

» Messages From The Rings Of Saturn

» Talking (It’s Not Me Talking)

» I Ran

» Committed

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  1. Ashley Pomeroy says:

    What an odd collision of reference points – I would never have thought of A Flock of Seagulls doing a Peel Session, especially in 1981. They don’t sound too bad though. “Talking” has a sort of post-Joy Division thing with the bass.


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