Love It, Just… (You Know The Rest)

Are you saying that I would love it...?

After this breaking news I’m sure that there will be many google searches for the original curly perm. Below are links to KK’s musical output plus a couple of other interesting related posts:

» KK – Head Over Heels In Love

» KK – Move On Down

» KK – In England

– Here’s a tribute after he left. » Busker – Thank You Kevin
Time for a follow-up welcoming him back again I think.

– Finally a visual feast of video and photographs for you to drool over: » KK In Pictures

Edit & update: One more and that’s it. Enough already. » Don Juan – Wor Kev

On a personal note I would like to emulate Busker’s words by thanking you Kevin for making this stupid return. It is partly because of your musical output that I got the idea for F & M.

I hope that some enterprising record company will leap onto this bandwagon and gather all his material together – I’m still looking for his appearance on Little and Large in which he sang with them on the show, there was also a little know single released in 1973 called It Ain’t Easy. If anybody out there spots these then give me a shout.

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