Let’s Rock !

Dunna lotta work for charidee mate

As mentioned the other day I discovered that KK had attempted chart success three times. Head Over Heels wasn’t his first crack at it. In fact he started earlier than this with a single which sadly I didn’t have any success in finding.

I did find the info about the record – It was released in 1973 and the song was “It Ain’t Easy”. But no success with any audio. If anyone out there does have this in their possession, or knows the whereabouts to purchase a copy give me a shout.

Until then we’ll have to make do with the B side to Head Over Heels in which Kev and his chums let their hair dow… uncurls his perm a bit, loosens his wide lapels and lets his bellbottoms swing and rocks out with…

Hey watch it you !

» Kev Keegan – Move On Down

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