Ah Kev you old romantic you. We can assume he was singing about his missus…?

You see that’s how it should be. Not like nowadays when the WAG’s get more newspaper print dedicated to them than their talented footie playing husbands. Back when I were a lad we heard and read about how they were playing on the field, not in the nightclub. Apart from Bestie of course, he was the exception to the rule.

But things were changing and footballers realised that there was a big earning potential off the pitch. Again nowadays the bigger money is to be made with fat contracts, but this is before the greed boost in their wages.

KK was one of the pioneers in selling his name and image to bring in a few more quid. Tomorrow I’ll be posting examples of this, but for today back to KK the old romantic –

Actually it wasn’t Keegan who wrote this song…

A quick Google tells me that: “The song, written by former Smokie members, Chris Norman and Pete Spencer, entered the British charts on 9 June 1979, reached number 31 and stayed around for 6 weeks.

The composers went on to write ‘This Time (We’ll Get it Right)‘, which was the official single for the England World Cup Squad in 1982.”
…Which of course the original perm sang on as part of the team.

Kevin Keegan - Head Over Heels In Love

» Kevin Keegan – Head Over Heels In Love

Sample Lyrics: “I’ve got news for you babe / all the things you do babe / make me think of how it used to be”

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