Pining For The Fjords ?

This is the first post in what will be the Kevin Keegan week. All KK. All week long.

As MickMills remarked when he sent me the short video clip which started me off on this particular journey: “What is it with Keegan & singing…?”

He’s right you know. There have been other players (and subsequent managers) who have “assaulted” the charts, but none of them have gone after the musical success as much as the original footballing perm.

As mentioned the Prediction League playing Tractor Boy emailed me with sadly only a very brief clip of KK and it has the audio from his third single.

Yes you thought it was only two but no. Three times did Kev hit the studio.

There will be more, much more about KK and his other recordings throughout the week, but for today…

– After a search far and wide I now present to you the full audio of his 1980 release in which the Mighty Mouse from England, still at Hamburg at the time, got a bit homesick and sang about wanting to be home again:

Kevin Keegan - England

» Kevin Keegan – England

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