It was a good start…

Jubliani - World Cup

Apart from Siphiwe Tshabalala’s stunning strike and subsequent celebration, it’s not going to be a match that people will be talking about in years to come. Pity that Mexico got an equalizer, would have been nice for the hosts to get a win. I can’t see either of these teams getting very far if they don’t up their game though. Uruguay to steal runners up spot ?
We’ll only find that out after we watch them next against…

Henry and France

Although he will probably spend at least 80 minutes on the bench I’m sure that there will be multiple cuts to him during the game.

» Found a good French football&music tune thanks to the Requiem pour un twister blog. They posted a track from Tahihi 80, a band based in Rouen. This track from them is about the World Cup (natch) and is sung in English:

» Tahiti 80 – World Cup

– Find out more about the track – one of four being released – by going here.
(If you use Google Chrome it will automatically translate the page for you.)

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