“Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water…”

Hoddle and Waddle's first crime - Diamond LightsI have the sad duty of informing you that this thing to the left wasn’t the only time.

They dared to enter the studio again… plus Hoddle by himself again and again and again…

As previously mentioned on F&M the original mullets recorded some stuff separately.

Waddle duetted with Basile Boli.
But the God botherer really went out to make sure it just wasn’t the disabled who despised him – fans of Queen, the Beatles and John Lennon were insulted too.

You sick sadistic bastard Hoddle. What did we ever do to you…?

Not satisfied with ruining some of our favourite songs you went out to do the double when managing the England team.

But karma came back and bit him in the ass. He’s been cast out into the football wilderness of telly pundity, never to manager a team again.

(A few weeks back the vacancy at Southampton came up and Hodd’s name was mentioned, but the Saints went for Nigel Pearson instead – the same Nigel Pearson who was in caretaker charge of Newcastle when Man USA put six past them.)

I am sorry to drag this should have been forgotten and buried/why do you do this to us other offence to music to light. It’s part of my job and please don’t shoot the piano player.

Or actually… do shoot him. I think he also produced the single…

Glenn and Chris - It's Goodbye

» Glenn and Chris – It’s Goodbye

Extra info: As you can see from the above pic there was a free flexidisc included and if you dare (go on.. I double dare !) you can buy the single with that interview here.

And that's not all: I found an ebay auction in which there was a cross promotion with Miller Lite. Yes a couple of sportsmen promoting beer. Very sad.
You can view a photo of the single which included a poster of the two here.

Sorry…what…? You are a sadist and want to punish yourself or a friend with the other one…?

Oh all right, since you hate yourself that much:

» Glenn and Chris – Diamond Lights

One Reply to ““Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water…””

  1. Maverick DJ says:

    How have I lived this long and not heard that tune? It’s clearly a myth that follow up singles can never reach the same level as first releases.

    Is it me or does the intro sound like the Top Gun theme tune?


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