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As they say – cheaters don’t prosper (well there was that one time… and then there’s that other..) but usually they get their comeuppance.

In France’s case it was themselves who got the fork in the eye with a very public tête à tête on the training ground. This was after Le Sulk said a few choice words to the French coach after he was subbed at half time during their match against Mexico and was subsequently sent home.

All was not right in the France camp even before they set off for South Africa, in a pre-flight friendly in Parish the fans where chanting for Domminech to resign.

And now they are one step away from following Anelka to their airport for a quick return home.

Because of the other results in their group there is still an outside chance of France qualifying for the next round, but they’ll have to win and score a quite a few before that will happen.

But despite what will happen in their game against South Africa, I can bet you that even if France get a pile of injuries and run out of strikers – Henry will still be sitting there on the bench. He is that far down the pecking order that Dommench will put on the reserve ‘keeper before him.

I think that France will actually pull together and get a win, but it will be too little, too late.

So before Thierry goes off into semi-retirement in MLS, he will witness this indignity first hand.

Music: This is from an Englishman who’s been living in France for the last 16 years. Alistair D. Price usually records as Dynamoes, but this is a side job looking at… well you know…

He writes…

“Guest vocalists on the song are the commentary team from TF1, who approach the task with their usual Gallic bluster.

It’s inspired by the uproar surrounding the handball by Thierry Henri during the World cup qualifier against Ireland, which led to the goal that took Les Bleus into the Finals. It’s also a tribute to the fine game of Subbuteo, which is another version of football that relies on using your hands.”

» Fait Main – Thierry Henri 100%

What’s the French word for irony…?

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