It’s All Red In Russia

The Russian United

A slip in the muddy grass changed everything. This time though it wasn’t an English player who blew it for his team.

Yes I know that Terry had that golden chance but in the end it was Le Sulk who gave van der Sar an easy effort to save.

It will be interesting viewing in the Euro 2008 Finals watching Portugal and France if either of them take a match to extra time and pens – will Rolando, who must think he is cursed after another penalty miss, dare to step up and try again.

– And after the finals too. Will the man who scored more goals than Rooney and Tevez this season be booking a flight back to MCR Ringway or Madrid Barajas ?

This, and the fate of many others to be decided after Sunday the 29th of June I’m sure.

As promised the other day – two songs from the winners:

This one from 1996 and an FA Cup Final song which has the players singing on the track, but thankfully their contribution was minimalised by the producers from Pete Waterman’s PWL Productions. The song borrows from many musical influences at the time. It is as ravey-ravey/2Unlimited thumping dance record »

Man U 1996 » Manchester United 1996 – Move Move Move (The Red Tribe)

» There’s also a video.

Next is another one that steals borrows from the popular music genres of the time and is cheekily very Oasis and The Verve influenced. Sadly the team vocals are full on for this one. After hearing this somebody must have put a stop to it all because this is the last time that a Man Utd team has sang on a record »

Man U 1999

» Manchester United 1999 – Lift It High (All About Belief )

» Video for that too.

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