Video, podcast and other items related to the Republic of Ireland and their time at Italia 90.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure – the song

The website has a documentary series about one of the most memorable songs

» The full documentary with all parts together:

According to Wikipedia the guitar intro was…

It is often assumed the guitar intro was a straight audio sample of Dearg Doom by Horslips, however this is not the case.

Anthony “Anto” Drennan is credited with playing lead guitar on the single.

The Horslips song “Dearg Doom”, was itself based on the traditional Irish tune, O’ Neill’s March, (which appeared as Marcshlua Uí Néill on Sean O Riada’s 1969 album “O’Riada sa Gaiety”,) and which refers to Hugh O’Neill and his part in The Nine Year War.

Put ‘Em Under Pressure – the podcast

Radio station RTE One posted a podcast about the events with the Republic of Ireland team from 25 years ago:

‘Put em under pressure speaks to RTE commentator George Hamilton who explains just why he said “the Nation holds its breath” along with former International Niall Quinn and contains the voices of Charlton, Eamonn Dunphy David O’Leary, Mick McCarthy, Kevin Sheedy and the luckless Gary Waddock who was dropped from the Italia 90 squad at the airport.

John Kenny has delved into the RTE Radio and Television archives to blend together, with the best music of 1990 to bring a unique never to be forgotten story of the Republic of Ireland involvement at Italia 90 when Irish people at home and abroad went football crazy.

» Download   36.8mb / 40 mins

The penalty shoot-out

I’ve posted this next bit as part of the Dreaming of Ireland podcast. Here from the Stephen Frears movie The Van (originally in the Roddy Doyle book) is their recreation of watching the penalty shoot-out between Ireland and Romania:

Here’s the full thing if you want to watch it again:

Packie Bonner making a saving during a penalty shoot out at the 1990 World Cup

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