This is the final post in the series.

Collected together – video documentaries, musical playlists and other items related to the 1990 World Cup.

» Kevin Allen’s World Cup video diary Italia 1990

This is highly recommended viewing from Keith Allen’s lesser known brother. He travelled to Italy in a car and followed the World Cup around the country. This was back when the English hooligan was still prevalent. It’s a facinating fan’s eye view of the tournament. 12 part documentary.

» An oral history of USA at Italia 90

USA - Italia 90

Via The Guardian – members of the 1990 USA team look back.

“The US was faced with a daunting task in its first World Cup in 40 years. At the draw, actress Sophia Loren picked the ball that placed the Americans in a loaded Group A with rugged, experienced, Czechoslovakia; the host Italy – one of the world’s finest teams – and Austria, then a rising soccer force in Europe. The Czechoslovakia and Austria matches were to be played in Florence. The US would face Italy in Rome…”

» Read the full article

» Capital FM Hot Mix – 1990

Football and music. Compiled by Pat and Mick (remember them ?) and broadcast during Italia 1990.
Uploaded by mrhanson and we are very grateful to him. There’s no playlist but you’ll recognise most of the tunes as they are playing:

Italia ’90 Hot Mix by Mrhanson on Mixcloud

» Panini Sticker Album

Browse a complete Panini album from Italia ’90:

» There’s also a flash version.

The Italian website Il Post has some great photographs from Italia 90. A few of them here:

» UK Charts – June 1990

A selection of songs that were in the charts in June, as you will see the trend back then was dance and indie music, sometimes both. Also includes the obligitory Italia 90 singles:

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