One Moment In Time

Houston we had a problemI was going to post this no matter what the outcome of the Ipswich/Pompey match.

Originally I was going to, as I did with the Coventry post, talk about their one and only FA Cup win.

Then that one moment happen which changed it and I was going to focus on how Ipswich were playing against 12 men. But in the end it wasn’t the ref that lost the game for them, it was a slip up in the defence and a well taken goal by David Nugent which became that one moment.

Ipswich before the sending off could have forced a replay, but from what I saw I don’t think would have progressed any further. They didn’t really create that many opportunities up front and they need to invest in the January sales.

So after all that I’ll go back to the original plan – The 1978 FA Cup Final with the all conquering (at that time) Ipswich Town with their manager – the legend that is Bobby Robson and of course his team:

Mills and WarkYou never see football players with moustaches any more.

Mick Mills and the film star John Wark were a couple of notables ones playing for the same team which also included George Burley, Kevin Beattie, Paul Mariner and the scorer of the only goal that day – Roger Osborne.

Osborne was so overcome with the emotion of that moment that he feinted and was immediately subbed. Can you imagine the special needs kid doing that.

Thankfully for us the team ventured into the studio before the final and recorded the following for posterity:

Ipswich Town 1978 FA Cup Squad – Ipswich Ipswich (Get That Goal)

At least they didn’t use “blues” in the lyrics or title. I’ll give them that.

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  1. MickMills says:

    Alan Hunter & Kevin Beattie also sported impressive moustaches on the day. Not a patch on the Liverpool taches of the late 70’s early 80;s though!


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