They've had their chips

Note that the ‘Premier’ part of that sign is easily replaceable.

I remember the 1992 FA Cup Final very well because I was there. I’ve still got the match programme somewhere…
LFC 1992 shirt
Remember when the Liverpool team had that the shirt with three stripes over one shoulder. It was a terrible kit. The Souness managed side had turning-circle-of-the-Titanic Jan Molby in the middle at the time.

I wasn’t particularly a fan of either team, although I do have a soft spot for Liverpool and have stood in the Kop a few times. But I did also notice that year Malcolm Crosby and the Second First Division Sunderland team :

A year before the previous manager Denis Smith was sacked and Crosby was installed as a caretaker manager. When he was still in that caretaker role Malcolm steered Sunderland to only the 4th FA Cup Final in their history. He was rewarded (despite what was pretty much a foregone conclusion with the final) with the full time job, but was also “rewarded” 8 months later with the sack when their form didn’t look like improving any time soon. The Sunderland fans themselves were rewarded with Terry Butcher coming in as his replacement.

– In this mini-series of for the drop songs I tried to find a famous or celebrity musicians (or even footballers themselves) associated with the club and as you saw yesterday with Hull City, sadly there isn’t any noted musical act who will stand up and sing for them*. The nearest they got was a tribute act.

*The Housemartins ? They were famously formed there, but only one of the original band was from there and the band themselves never sang about the football club when they were there. The only connection is the title of their 1st album.

The same thing came up with Sunderland. Not one song done about them by any popular charting act.
– Again I will be corrected on that if wrong…
The city itself has produced some well known bands – Kenickie and The Futureheads (who played at their new stadium), but again… no songs about the club.

So for the cup final song the team took it upon themselves to belt out a cover version of a very famous tune:

Sunderland single » Sunderland 1992 F.A. Cup Final Squad – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

..and the still excellently sounding original...
» McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Extended Version)

So there’s your five candidates for the drop. I will post songs by the “winners” – aka the two who escape from this quicksand – at the end of the season.

Updated: Sunderland survived (despite themselves), but I’ve got bugger all else to post about or by them. So only one post from the other ‘winner’ in the battle of the crapulence here.

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