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Steve Gibson, the Boro chairman is a rarity. But he’s seen as either very silly or very stupid for hitching his wagon to that Southgate star.

If you look at it one way the club hasn’t exactly had the best of luck management wise, when they’ve been in the top division. Before horse teeth there was 2nd choice Steve and before that, Bryan Robson.

Yes alright they actually won the Mickey Mouse League Cup in 2004, I’ll give them that.

That was actually the third time of trying for them – in 1997 they reached the final and drew with Leicester City and then lost in the replay (this was the last time that a League Cup final would go to a replay). Then a year later they found themselves at Wembley yet again, but again they were the losing side… this time against Chelsea.
The 1997 FA Cup programme
Back to 1997 though and as well as the League Cup loss the already relegated Middlesboro team (talk about unlucky) reached the FA Cup Final where they faced… Chelsea.

You can guess what happened next. Yes they lost.

On that day – 17th May – they were up against a Chelsea team that included the front two of the current managers of West Ham and Manchester City. They themselves were being managed by the current ITV pundit Ruud Gullit (how fortunes change.) – Oh also in their squad was the current boss of the Franchise.

Playing for Middlesbrough FC were the now club legends of Ravanelli and Juninho. Also in the squad was Craig Hignett (now an Academy coach at the club), Nigel Pearson (who just got Leicester [see above] promoted) and Robbie Mustoe – now a pundit on ESPN in America.

Cup Final song-wise and they pulled out the Cleveland born big names.
One a noted musician and the other the other half of a noted comedy double act:

Chris and Bob » Middlesboro FC feat Bob Mortimer & Chris Rea – Let’s Dance

and the original…

» Chris Rea – Let’s Dance

A note about the Middlesboro song – there are two mixes: Riverside Mix & Wembley ’97 mix.
This is the Wembley mix – give us a shout if you have the Riverside mix.

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  1. The opening of Let’s Dance was really quite lovely, with a club celebrating the cosmopolitan mix of their team.

    But I was disappointed to discover it wasn’t a cover of the Bowie song.

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