Ich Roque !

(or.. "er Felsen !"... if Google Translate did it's job.)

Posted one last week because I expect the subject to be in the headlines very soon and this fortuitously timed entry is about another back page attention getter who’s transfer speculations has been going on as long as Arshavin’s.

Note for future self - This one is posted on transfer deadline day and one of both of these may or may not have moved before the window closed.

So today’s attempt to attract some google searches is with the very handsome Roque Santa Cruz.
Oh if only the transfer deadline was Dec 25th, the amount of puns to be had from that…

Yes I said handsome because he is. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Santa Cruz

Although I’m not the first one to openly admit a mancrush on a player, Danny Baker has already err…come out…(?…is that the right phrase for this…?) with his admiration of Berba’s good looks.

Before his Blackburn move Santa Cruz spent a good few years in the Bundesligia with Bayern and it was because of a nagging injury which put him down the pecking order at Munich which put him onto Mark Hughes’ radar when he was also googling for a bargain striker.

The Independent has an excellent article (from September 2008) in which the headline tells us of Roque’s own soft spot for Sparky…

Roque Santa Cruz: ‘Four or five clubs were interested in me, but it was Mark Hughes who made the difference’

Take a glance the CV of Roque Santa Cruz, the golden boy of Paraguayan football and Blackburn’s new No 9, and he is apparently a man who has it all, on and off the pitch. One of four sons, he grew up in a close-knit family in a hillside town outside Asuncion, made his debut for his local club, Olimpia, at 16, and by 18, in 1999, had fired his team to back-to-back titles and bagged himself his nation’s Footballer of the Year award.

Inevitably, Europe’s giants came calling for this athletic 6ft 2in striker – pop-star handsome with technical abilities every bit as easy on the eye – and he signed for Bayern Munich later that year. Between 2000 and 2005, Bayern won four Bundesliga titles, five domestic cups and, with Santa Cruz in their number, the Champions League of 2001.

Lest that were not enough, he was a cult hero with the Bayern faithful and popular throughout Germany. In 2004, he even sang on a pop record, “Ich, Roque” – a pun on the phrase “I rock” – with an upcoming band, Sportfreunde Stiller. It made the top 40 in Germany and Austria….

» Sportfreunde Stiller – Ich Roque

(Audio taken from the video)

I put the lyrics through Google Translate. »

Fashion Freak jubiliert, he tried the suit
and his girlfriend exults, as the suit rockt
On the jeans there is punk, the rivets belt in a cupboard
so does everyone tonight PIMP on the Rock-Olymp
The entrepreneur is brilliant, he has risked much on the market
and it donates applause, because it also rocks the house

But only one charge of these words
A privilege of a very special variety
“Not a word to anyone, as I play
I just tell my Fanblock: I roque! ”

The cool Kid’s reaction, the fat beats explode
we need more distortion for the entire nation
Indeed, it is probably a trend that everyone knows the word
no longer know exactly what Rock actually means

But only one charge of these words
A privilege of a very special variety
“Not a word to anyone, as I have all toppen
I just tell my Fanblock: I roque! ”

everyone shouts my name ..
is because I am a very handsome man ..
maybe I’m a goalscorer …
Or it has nothing to do, sir?
I do not know because my name is so important …
In stage I always singing …
You should feel good right now …
Or it has nothing to do lady?

The last bit of the song (in case anyone didn’t listen to it/read the lyrics or watch the video) has the pretty boy himself saying in Spanish (again translated):

“everyone shouts my name ..
is because I am a very handsome man ..
maybe I’m a goalscorer …
Or it has nothing to do, sir?
I do not know because my name is so important …
In stage I always singing …
You should feel good right now …
Or it has nothing to do lady?”

Anyway.. to continue with the article it also says…

Until now, Santa Cruz has limited his explanation for why he left Bayern to saying he was not getting enough games. Yesterday he revealed that he had been desperate to leave for two years, and, now that he has finally done so, he believes both he and Blackburn are going places.

Ah great line…great line… *wipes tear from eye*

Later on it gives the reasons as to who it was who convinced him that the Prem was in his future, as well as the parseltongued then-Blackburn manager:

Owen Hargreaves, Santa Cruz’s long-time team-mate and good friend at Bayern, who taught him English, also advised that the Premier League was the place to be. The pair now live 10 minutes away from each other in Manchester. But Hughes’ vision really swung it.

“He told me his ideas. It was a simple decision after that,” Santa Cruz says. “He said I would get the opportunity to play. And to learn. He said this team is competitive, but that I will only help to make it more competitive. I had a good feeling. I feel fit and strong. I feel like I can do everything now.”

Santa Cruz will not divulge which other clubs he spurned to join Rovers. He knows Manchester City, who visit Blackburn tomorrow, were interested in signing him, but as he never got as far as talking to them, they were not among the rejected.

So there was a passing chance, but in the end he was attracted by the bright lights of East Lancs.

UPDATE: The transfer window is shut and he will not be moving back in with his former boss man. (Asharvin deal might or might not be done either).

As sweetSubsea on 606 so accurately put it:

1646: “Not long to go and no centre-back arriving at City. That is all we need, but Mr Hughes is so clever, he managed to sign a striker we don’t like, a midfielder we don’t need and a goalkeeper to ensure we keep killing every young talent we have at City. Well done Mr Hughes.”

This is the first post of a thread that will wander into songs by (cover your ears) and about German players...yeah I know I started with a Paraguayan, but he was in the Bundesligia... followed by some about German teams - including the national team, before finally returning to the original thread.

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  1. TeeTotallyNot says:

    most excellent – I loved that song (and the player – he used to be a bit good, him) .. hadn’t heard it in a while.. thx
    as for the “young-talent-killing keeper” – we’d take him back quicker than you could say “Shay” .. if only he wanted to … (and I’d rather see it as an opportunity for Hart & the Little Big Dane to learn from one of the finest..)


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