I Said Eat My Goal

The original idea behind Football and Music was to be something to accompany the prediction league, but also to facilitate my quest to find all the FA Cup final songs and videos. Now we’ve expanded that even further. Our new quest is to find any and all songs that are footie and music related.

It has already started with the Football Calypso and today’s installment is straight outta Harlow…

Collapsed Lung (don’t search for them via Google Images. Just don’t.) existed from 1992-1996, and would have been forgotten if it wasn’t for a double A side single released in October ’96 which has since been used in lots of adverts and countless number of footie compilation videos.

The song was re-released in 1998 to cash in coincide with World Cup 98, and was also used by Ant & Dec on SM:TV (“Wonkey Donkey !”) on one of their phone in competitions.

So now without further Adu. I give you:

Collapsed Lung - Eat My Goal

Collapsed Lung – Eat My Goal (single version)

One Reply to “I Said Eat My Goal”

  1. DaveC says:

    I remember this tune. It’s on my double cassette album, Sky Sports Soundtrack to A Season 96/97 (or something like that). This was after Euro 96 and Sky were capitalising on footy’s popularity. I got sucked in and bought the album. Pretty good album too, I was listening to it about a month ago in the car. Yes, that’s right: I still have a car with a tape deck in it.


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