A bit of a cliché this, but they are one of the most underrated bands around. And still going.

Half Man Half Biscuit get all the notices for their football and music, but I, Ludicrous are up there at the top of the table with them. Not only F&M though, again like HMHB they have many songs with a satirical nature.

A quick bio from the Peel Wiki:

I, Ludicrous are a British group, formed in South London in 1985 by John Procter (guitar) and David Rippingdale (AKA Will Hung) (vocals). – In early 2008 the duo became a trio with the recruitment of former Voice Of The Beehive bassist Martin Brett. With a confirmed Fall influence at work musically, some have likened the group to Half Man Half Biscuit, largely it would seem on the basis that they too write songs that are occasionally satirical or sardonic, containing social commentary and referencing popular culture. They also have a few songs about football.
 Here are some of their mentions of football. 

They released an outstanding debut album in 1987, which included this track which has become a sort of historical football document now because of the grounds and the admission prices mentioned in the song.

In the late 1980’s Thatchers’ government tried to get a bill pushed through parliment that would require football fans to carry ID cards. This was a horrific idea that if it passed, would have a massive impact of football attendance, never mind the question of civil liberties.
The band contributed to an album that was produced to raise awareness for the issue. The LP was called “Bananas!” (A commentary on this legislation, also because of the mini-craze of Man City fans bringing inflatable bananas to the matches.)
» See here for more.

Their track took on the subject of Colin Moynihan, who was Thatcher’s lapdog. He was the Junior Minister for Sport and was given the task of pushing this legislation through the house. The plan with this ID card scheme, the Tory government reasoned, was to deal with this perceived “hooligan problem” when in fact the fighting and ‘hooliganism’ was happening outside the grounds. This was one of the factors, there were many others. Again take a read of the article for the full thing.

Anyway the band were justifiably angry with this scheme and the junior minister:

» I,Ludicrous – Monyinhan Brings Out The Hooligan In Me

» This fantastic song was on an EP released in 1992. The promo film was directed by John Procter:

– It’s not just English football, they’ve got Scotland covered too:

» I,Ludicrous – The Highland League:
» Available on the Dirty Washing EP.

– Last year I, Ludicrous released a new album, their first new material in 12 years.
Dull Is The New Interesting is on Cherry Red records.

– You can buy all their albums on Amazon UK or your favourite music retailer. If you want to catch up, I recommend 20 Years In Showbusiness.

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