There are a few ways in which you can get featured on here. One is having a decent song. Obviously.

If the proceeds from the song are going to a worthy charity. That will get you a mention.

Another is if you have something which invokes the memory of this man:

Sir Bobby Moore - England

There’s a musician called Andy Duerden and he has a song which ticks two of these three boxes.
The tune is half decent… a bit middle of the road, not to my taste… I’ll change it to 2½.

Mr Duerden is a law graduate, a classically trained professional musician AND a music teacher. He’s in the process of releasing an album in June, with one of the tracks (part of an EP which is out now) being issued with part of the proceeds going to the Sir Bobby Moore Fund.

Yes I know he wasn’t knighted but he should be. We need to get another petition going.
There are two Facebook campaigns calling for a posthumous honour.

Back to the subject in hand though and this from the Cancer Research UK site:

Bobby Moore FundWorld Cup charity single

Download More Than A Game and help beat cancer

Musician Andy Durden is helping to kick off The Bobby Moore Fund’s World Cup fundraising this summer with his rousing charity single, More Than A Game. 30p from every download will be donated to the Fund and will go towards vital research into bowel cancer.

In what must be one of the most unlikely battles in pop chart history, football fans from Bobby Moore’s former clubs West Ham United and Fulham, as well as those of Andy’s home town team Burnley, are being urged to download the track in their thousands.

Meanwhile, fans of Leeds United are being asked to put their money behind Marching On Together, a chant originally recorded by the legendary Leeds team of the 1970s.

Andy DuerdenAndy hopes to get the chance to perform his song live in South Africa during the World Cup to help raise as much as possible for the Bobby Moore Fund’s work. He says:

“I think it’s a catchy song that plays to the heart of the agony and ecstasy felt by football supporters. It’s rooted in Englishness but it’s really about the passion of following your team, so I’m hoping the England supporters can introduce it to the world.”

Andy Duerden - More Than A Game:

» The song (part of an EP) is available to download via iTunes


I have this other old song about Sir Bobby, but I don’t know the singer. It’s a very poignant tune:

Sir Bobby Moore » Unknown Artist – Bobby Moore The King

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