How Does It Feel…?

Despite the final score, I’m still not convinced (at least for the first 70 minutes) with England’s performance last Saturday. If it was against any other higher ranked team they wouldn’t have got away with it.

I know, they won it 5-1, what else do I bloody want ? But there are still areas of the pitch that are still causing me concerns. I’m not talking about the pitch by the way…

Calamity James, as always, gives me the jitters. I know he had nowt to do but he’s still the only viable option ? Come on… As soon as England have guaranteed qualification Capello should start looking at the other ‘keepers for 2010.

Stan Upson and Oliver BridgeCover at the back.

Never mind Ashley Cole going to sleep and gifting the goal, what about the back ups for Terry and Cole ?

As we saw Upson too had a couple of Wes Brown moments – and that is something that also scares me. When Cole and JT are injured, which they are for Wednesday, it will be Laurel and Hardy there who will be filling in for them.


Talking of frightening… here’s a previous England World Cup song (see what I did there…) which like Ashley Cole’s brain fart, is something that we’d all like to forget.

I’m talking about the 1998 World Cup and whoever it was decided to grab the toppermost of the poppermost act to churn one out on their behalf.

What the found that year was the Spice Girls, Space (“who?”), Ocean Colour Scene (“another token flash in the pan act”) and…Echo and the Bunnymen…(?!)

England United » England United – (How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of The World

Which particular bigwig at the FA sanctioned this abomination ? Who was there at the time…?

Ah look it was Graham Kelly (and Keith Wiseman) who both resigned at the end of that year because of whispers about some dodgy loans. – Which was later disproven.

Let this one be a reminder of how bad things can get.

How bad was it ? This bad.

Still got to go to Belarus on Wednesday and get a result on. This with Upson and possibly Wayne Bridge at the back.

Brown trouser time.

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