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You may have guessed from the last couple of posts I am a big Sidebottom fan.

Frank is like Stephen Fry, in that he’s a Manchester treasure at least…

Mr Sidebottom used to have his own telly show on the late lamented Channel M, but can still be seen on Timperley TV. Plus he will return to broadcasting from April 11th with another run of Radio Timperley via Manchester Radio Online.

As you can tell by now this is a post with nowt but links.

As previously mentioned Frank will be performing a few dates in New York City (Apr 1st-5th) and live somewhere near you in April, May and June.

– Let’s get to some more of his music then, because obviously that’s why you are here. But promise me that you will visit the links below and buy stuff afterwards. Come on…promise me…   Good.

Guess Who’s Been On Match of the Day (long)
Frank Sidebottom – Mexico ’90
Estudiantes (Striped Shirts, Black Panties)
Little Frank – Football Is Really Fantastic

Extra Time – Some

Frank live on stage performing a Manchester medley:

Frank forms a supergroup on his Channel M telly show:

Popping To The Shops:

Frank Sidebottom - ABC -D

Buy the album: Amazon UK or Amazon USA.  |
Frank Sidebottom - EFG -H

Buy the album: Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

– Or you can buy both of them via Cherry Red Records.

– Now go here: and

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  1. I’m about to write about the Freshies on Route1. “I’m in Love With The Girl on the Virgin/Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk” is in my Top 20 of fave songs. So catchy and funny.
    Chris Sievey R.I.P.

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