My Two Left Feet

[Apart from these two] Up to now I’ve posted stuff relating to teams from Blighty.
I’m going to catch up to all the teams in the EPL and introduce a couple of foreign signings.

The first song has Ronaldinho, who some have called the “World’s Best Player” involved.
Well he’s considered the world’s best but in the matches I’ve seen him play I don’t see it. He’s currently at Barcelona and last Saturday morning he pulled out the game to be played that Saturday night because of “fatigue“. I watched – and switched over – when they were away to Getafe the other week because the match was so slow and dull. Ronaldinho was lazy and ineffective. Barca eventually lost that one 4-nil. There are rumours that the Catalans will get rid of him and unsurprisingly Chelski are interested in signing a player who sells more replica shirts and endorses more products than Derek.

But to the singing…

I found a music news item here which reports on the release of a CD in Brazil in relation to them and the 2006 World Cup.
Quoteth from the article:

“In Brazil, soccer and samba go together like love and marriage. And as World Cup fever grips the country, dedicated fans have plenty of choices of music for their game-day parties.

Record labels have issued a clutch of soccer-themed discs. Even star player Ronaldinho gets to show his singing skills….

… Also on the Universal label is “Samba Goal,” which boasts a selection of Ronaldinho’s favorite songs including one track he sings himself along with the group SambaTri.

The song, “Goleador” (Superscorer) speaks of his love for the sport. “I belong to the rhythm, either in the samba or in the game, I let my feet do the talking,” Ronaldinho croons.

Ronaldinho - Samba Goal

» SambaTri & Ronaldinho – Goleador

More samba beats from Shakira this time. Along with Wyclef Jean and a remixed version of one of her songs, again for the 2006 World Cup. You’ll hear from the very beginning of the song that Shakira can belt it out when she wants. Powerful voice.

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie

» Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie (World Cup Mix)

Sample lyrics: I’m a student of Pele, call me Pele player. /Eleven on the field with the heart of a gladiator…. Imma play till my knees grow low…
Everybody in the FIFA in the final state go / And my football jersey says Maradonna /And the crowd chants, sounds like spirits from Africa…

– Also have a look at the video and their live performance of the song at the end of the tournament.

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