I’m very happy to see the Blues and the err…the Blues… in the FA Cup Final.


Not because of any disdain towards either of the losing semi-finalists but because football and music-wise, these two clubs in the past have produced some half decent tunes.

Chelsea have one Suggs McPherson among their supporters, who has previous with them – and with Liverpool being such a musical city you just can’t miss.

So crossing our fingers here that people are in the recording studio as we speak… and if not then these two instrumentals below will be given a repost.



» Harry J Allstars – The Liquidator*
Gwladys Street End – Johnny Todd**

» Hypem



* I read somewhere that Wolves also lay claim to this song, I’ll look into this.

** Also known as the theme from Z-Cars

3 Replies to “Here’s Hoping For A Musical Final”

  1. Liquidator! Possibly my favorite footy-related song ever. (Yeah, okay, I follow CFC.) Doesn’t West Brom have some kind of connection to it as well?

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